Why you must invest in India?

Having second thoughts about investing in India is now a forgotten story, as today the country’s economy is sizzling with opportunities for global investors. When half the world is struggling with the scariest phase of financial meltdown, India stands head held high, promising tremendous profit potential for investors.

After 90′s when India embraced the sweeping economic reforms, the country has stepped ahead for extremely liberal, transparent and fundamentally strong platform for global investors especially NRI’s. India’s economy is growing at a rate of 8% which is 10 times higher than once super power US.

One of the hottest economies on the planet, India has unique investment opportunity as it is not dependent completely on the export market but has a huge domestic consumption as well.

Moving ahead from agriculture, textile and information technology boom, India now has a strong manufacturing sector growing at a very healthy 8.8% clip. With strong economic indicators, India is the fourth largest economy in terms of purchasing power parity.

Some of the other feathers in cap which make India the top destination for investment are strong political system, suitable business climate, cost effective and competitive manpower, developed banking system and progressive investor policies of Indian Government.

Nonetheless, private equity investors are now putting more money in India than in China proving the country to be more lucrative investment destination.

Studies and surveys have recorded a steady increase in FDI in India since a decade. According to the UNCTAD WIP Report, India attracted more than 90 countries till 2010 (29 countries in 1991) across the universe stepping ahead US in the list of promising investment destinations.

Soaring government investment in the country’s infrastructure, strong government bond market, credit imitative markets are pivotal reasons which attract foreign investments in the country.

India which was once called the golden bird is now ready to attract the flock of investors once again.

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