List of required documents for PAN card application processing.

There is a lot of misinformation over the internet about what documents are required to apply for a pan from India. This literature would help you understand the necessary documentation involved that will make sure that your process goes through smoothly at both the UTI and NSDL pan agencies.

Since the purpose of the PANcard is tracking of financial dealings, any foreign citizen or NRI who proposes to have such dealings in India needs a PAN number. In 2009, the Income Tax Act of India (1961) was amended to include Section 206AA. According to this, any foreign entity or individual that generate income in India must have a PAN card.

Below is the checklist of PAN card documents for NRIs and OCIs with non Indian citizens.

Documents that a NRI need to submit at the PAN center:

NRI or non-resident Indians will require submitting the following documents in order to obtain PAN card in India:

  • A completed copy of form 49A along with a recent colored photograph of 3.5 X 2.5 cm has to be submitted. This form can be obtained from the website of the Income Tax department, the UTIISL or the NSDL as well as the TIN facilitation centers located all across the country.
  • A copy of the passport is required.
  • The NRI will have to supply a proof of address. The bank account statement of the country of residence may be supplied.

Required documents for PAN in case of foreign nationals (including OCI and PIO card processors):

If a foreign citizen is engaged in any financial operation in India, he has to get a PAN card. The following documents, in addition to the completed form 49A are necessary:

1) In order to furnish proof of identity, foreign individuals can present one of the following documents:

o   The copy of the passport can be provided.

o   The Government of India issues a PIO (Person of Indian Origin) card which is also acceptable.

o   The third document which may serve as the identity proof is the OCI (Overseas Citizen of India) card issued by the Government of India.

2) The proof of address is supplied by the following documents:

o   The copy of passport can be submitted.

o   The bank account statement in India is another valid document for this purpose.

o   You can also show the residential permits which are issued by the State Police Authority.

o   The NRE bank account statement can be shown.

o   The OCI card can also be used.

3) In case the office address has to be supplied, then in addition to any of the above documents, all of the following documents are needed. These are:

o   The copy of the visa granted by India has to be produced.

o   The copy of the appointment letter issued by the Indian company is necessary.

o   A certificate of address in India has to be issued by the employer or his authorized signatory.

o   The copy of the PAN card which is mentioned in the above certificate has to be produced.

4) If the foreign individual is not present in India (it is not compulsory to be so), then the following documents are necessary:

o   All the above mentioned identity proofs are valid. Otherwise, the person may also produce a National ID which is signed and approved by the Indian consulate or embassy.

o   The address proofs are same as mentioned before, like passport, PIO card or NRE bank account statement. Additionally, bank account statement approved by Indian embassy or consulate may be produced.

5) Finally, if the foreign individual does not yet have an office in India, he has to supply the following documents:

o   Copy of registration in India or approval given by concerned Indian authorities.

o   The approved copy of registration certificate of the country to which the individual originally belongs.

NOTE: In case you have any queries regarding the paper work for PAN processing, please use the form on the top right to contact us. We shall revert back to you at the earliest and help you further.

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