How to apply for a Company PAN card number?

A lot international companies from different parts of the world that do not have any establishment or presence in India are facing issues with their withholding taxes, and getting paid in time for the services and products that they must have sold in India. This companies that have no offices or branches in India are witnessing trouble in receiving their payments via the invoices that are generated on a yearly basis. The remitters don’t pay these companies in time because all these international firms do not have a PAN number – that stands for a permanent account number.


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As per the new ruling laid by the Government, specifically the Honorary Income tax department of India, any international firm – including an incorporation, corporation, LLC, LLP, partnerships, Joint ventures, SO firms, trusts, limited firms would now require a PAN card to get their payments remitted for the services that they might have rendered to their Indian business counterparts.

An absence of PAN number would yield higher level of TDS and withheld taxes, and sometimes such a deducted tax rate can go way up to 25%. And if the company gets a PAN then this rate of deduction can go down to 10%. But please be advised that such rates would depend upon the category and the nature of services delivered.

Our team of experts can not only answer your tax related queries on the taxes withheld, but at the same time can definitely assist your firm in getting a PAN card for a company, from the Indian Govt.

Benefit of applying a PAN through us, is that you don’t have to get an Indian embassy ATTESTATION.

You just have to provide:

1. Copy of company incorporation certificate OR company registration certificate – APOSTILLED

2. Copy of address proof like bank statement OR utility bill - APOSTILLED.

3. PAN application duly filled as per instructions + samples.

NOTE: If any of your documents are in any other language then the same need to be translated in English and then apostilled or attested.

FYI: You can get an Apostille from the secretary of state office, or FCO office or any competent authority in your country.

1st Step: Before you get anything apostilled, you must first contact us and email us your documents for a check – this would save both your time & money!

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